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The Health and Safety Group is a UK wide safety training company that specialises in classroom training and e-learning based training for the healthcare industry.


The Health and Safety Group is the largest healthcare safety training company in the UK training employing over 40 trainers, support operatives and associates. We deliver healthcare safety training to over 50,000 nurses and healthcare professionals each year.




Our mission is to make healthcare training accessible and affordable for all healthcare professionals and this is why we deliver engaging training but keep costs to sensible levels



We are pioneering new training methods and deliver and expanding portfolio of healthcare safety training courses.


The e-learning modules on this website have been created by industry experts and peer reviewed to ensure the highest standard of professional content. As well as great value and professional content, we also understand how important it is for e-learning to be straight forward and intuitive. To make this happen we have employed the tried and tested e-learning247 platform that is easy to navigate and so simple to use!

We hope you enjoy your e-learning training from The Health and Safety Group!!


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