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Here are some answers to frequently asked technical questions.

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Course information can be found on the Health and Safety Groups learning website, please use the following link:


1. Click the View Video link and this will play a course introduction video explaining the course, content and who it is suitable for.

2. If you would prefer to read the course description, click the View courses for Nurses or View courses for Care Staff buttons. You will then be taken to the list of available course.

3. Click onto the Full Details button, you will then be able to read an overview of the course, prior to purchasing

CSTF stands for the Core Skills Training Framework. The UK CSTF is a national benchmark for the content of statutory/mandatory training.  It sets out minimum learning outcomes, frequency of refresher training and links to relevant legislation or expert guidance


You can book your practical training on our website using the following link


1. Click on the heading in the left hand column for your practical day training

Problems Faced to date
Booking Enquiries


1. Your eLearning courses can be accessed immediately after purchase by clicking the link provided.

2. After clicking the link, you will be automatically directed to your eLearning Login page. Enter your email and password into the boxes provided and click confirm.

3. Use the drop down arrow on the right to display your list of courses

4. Select your required course by clicking on the course title

You can access your course content by using the following link:

1. Enter your email address and password and click the confirm button


Log-in Problems
1. Check that the email address and password have been entered accurately, ensuring Caps Lock is turned on/off accordingly
2. Confirm you are using the same log-in details as detailed within your booking confirmation, this will have been sent directly after booking the course to the email address you provided.
3. Try resetting your password using the password reminder link (Add link)
4. If you are still having difficulty, please contact our eLearning support team using the enquiry link (Add in link)


1. Click the Forgotten your password button

2. Enter the email address that was used when purchasing the course into the box provided

3. You will receive an email from customer support containing a password reset link, click on the link and it will take you to the password reset page

4. Type in your new password into the two boxes above (Passwords are case sensitive), then click the confirm button.

5. A green message will appear under the password entry boxes to confirm the password has been changed.

6. The page will automatically redirect you to your course homepage

Account Enquires

Yes, multiple accounts with the same email address are acceptable

Certificate Enquires


1. All modules have to be completed before the certificate can be downloaded


1. The course list shows the status, progress and your assessment score. To achieve your certificate, the following criteria must be met:

  • Status should read complete
  • Progress should read 100%
  • Assessment score should read 80% or greater

2. A printer icon will appear next to the information button. Click on the printer button and your certificate will download to your computer.

3.If progress is less than 100%, click onto the course title to access the course

4.Check all the square boxes to the left of the title within the module tab to ensure there is a full white square.

5.If a square is half full or empty within a module tab, a part of the course has not been completed

6.Click the module tab and it will display the modules contained within that part of the course. This will enable you to identify which part still needs completing.

7.Click on the required module or assessment that is yet to be completed and it will list all the pages contained within that module.

1.The printer icon will appear after course completion if the requirement of the course has been met, click on the printer icon and your certificate will download to your computer.


Course content enquiries


1. No, you can leave the course at any time by pressing the menu button, this will take you to the module homepage.

2. If you then wish to exit the course completely you can press the exit button, your progress will automatically be saved. This will then take you back to your login homepage.

3. To return to your course, select the course title from the list

4. Click on the module tab that you require.

5.Click on the module heading you require.

6.This will provide you with the list of pages for that module, you can select the page you were on before exiting and complete your course



1. A new module will only become available to use once the previous module and assessment have been completed fully. Click the module tab and it will show all pages contained within that part of the course. This will enable you to identify which part still needs completing.


Course Navigation

There are three main ways in which you can learn to navigate through the course:

1. On your eLearning homepage there is a link to watch a short introductory video which explains the basic functions needed to undertake the eLearning course

2. If you are part way through a particular module and need assistance there is a video link at the bottom of each page.

3. Within the course introduction tab, you will find a link to the navigation video and written instructions on how to navigate the course successfully.


1. Have you got a good internet signal?
2. Is the operating system you are using compatible with the list below?

Our Flash-based course authoring software will run on PC and MAC* with the following minimum specification:

  • Browser compatibility: IE7.0+, Firefox 3.5+, Safari 5.0+, Google Chrome, Opera 11
  • Browser plugins: Flash 10.3+, Javascript must be enabled
  • Memory 128MB of RAM

3. Can you take a screen shot of the screen and any error messages?
4. Contact (Add in eLearning enquiries link), ensure to send all the required information above
5. You will receive a confirmation email once your enquiry has been received
6. Please allow 48Hrs




1. Yes, should you not meet the required pass mark or if you wish to retake a module assessment, click on the module assessment tab. The module assessment tab will tell you when you last sat an assessment and the score you achieved. If you press the retake assessment button to have another attempt

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